Purpose-built PACS solutions

From high-powered mammography to interoperability solutions, there’s a PACStation ready to take on your challenges

Designed by radiologists, our purpose-built PACStations are engineered from the ground up to allow radiologists to perform at peak productivity levels, by combining peak performing hardware with ergonomic design.

For decades, the industry has settled for procuring under-powered, out of date workstations for their radiologists. Those days are over. Unleash your full performance potential with SMT’s line of PACS workstation solutions.

True Vendor Neutrality

Access any PACS, RIS, EMR
from a single point

Avoid incompatabilities by giving every PACS its own environment

Command & Control

Control your entire PACS workflow
Instant load balancing across a region

Never miss STAT again with Livelist Technology

Built for the reading Room

High powered workstations
for high powered radiologist

Expertly designed for silent and clean operation

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