Dr. David J. Rippe, MD

Dr. David Rippe is a radiologist located in Tampa, FL. He’s been using our PACStations™ to revolutionize his practice for years. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what Dr. Rippe himself has to say about our PACStation™ solution.
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Dr. Wesley Holland, MD

Dr. Wesley Holland is a radiologist located in Winter Haven, FL. His practice relies on the reliability and versatility of our PACStations™ to fulfill all of their PACS related needs. Listen to Dr. Holland break down all the reasons he loves his SMT PACStation™.
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PACStation-Mobile™ Promo

The PACStation-Mobile™ is SMT's innovative mobile PACStation™ that improves patient care by allowing the radiologist to bring their read directly to the patient. See how the PACStation-Mobile™ can improve your doctor-patient communication.
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“Our radiology group provides coverage for nine hospitals in central and west Florida, and we believed it was critical to implement a neuroradiology subspecialty service for all sites from a central location. Unfortunately, the hospitals use different PACS and as such it was very difficult for me to read for all facilities in any way that was practical. Instead of playing musical chairs in a gymnasium filled with numerous workstations and multiple monitors for each and every work station, Singular Medical Technologies designed and developed an elegant solution that brings all the sites together into one beautiful setup without delays or lag-time. The technology even has superior functionality compared to me working at the specific onsite PACS stations themselves. I can finally read neuro studies for our entire practice just like I was sitting at each facility. Awesome job! Thank you Singular!”

-Dr. Ron Prati Jr. MD

“The PACStation-Plus has been a Godsend. We can now spread the work from busier sites to others with more capacity to improve STATs, and also allows us to consult others in the practice with challenging cases. It’s a win-win for patients, their doctors and our hospitals.”

-Dr. Ted Cardoso MD

“As a private radiologist I read for several locations. I purchased one of these stations 3 years ago and love it. I have one at my office and I will be purchasing one for home soon. Great job guys!”

-Dr. Richard Leb MD

We are proud to provide PACS intergration solutions nationwide to all our customers.