Radiology Practices Can Experience The Following Benefits Using Our Multi-PACS Workstation


We don’t just know tech, we know radiology too. Our company was birthed by a group of radiologists tired of settling for underpowered workstations and overcomplicated setups. Unleash your productivity with one of our high tech PACStations! Built with the radiologist in mind, our PACStations are as easy as “plug it in, turn it on, start reading. Check out what our tech can do for you.”

Labor Cost Reduction

Minimize Product Deployment

Increased RVU count

True Vendor Neutrality

Practicewide Load Balancing

Quiet, Cool, Clean Workstations

Minimal IT Involvement

No Broadband Constraints

Improved Patient Care


SMT was shaped by the imput of numerous radiologists frustrated from being forced to settle with underpowered workstations and prohibitively expensive and excessively  complex setups. Our workstations are custom-designed to make physician’s jobs more enjoyable, productive, and their lives easier. It is our mission to ensure medical professionals utilizing our products will spend less time frustrated with their technology, and their time more focused on patient care.


Our Products


PACStation Pro

Developed for clinical and diagnostic applications, the PACStation Pro is the ultimate standardized PACS workstation.
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PACStation Clinical

Developed for clinical and diagnostic applications, the PACStation CL is the perfect midpoint between affordability and performance.

X Ray Product Line


PACStation Mammo

Designed for high-powered Mammography and Tomsythesis, the PACStation Mammo medical workstation will reach and surpass...
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Listen to what Doctor’s are saying about our products!

Dr. David Rippe is a radiologist located in Tampa, FL. He’s been using our PACStations™ to revolutionize his practice for years. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what Dr. Rippe himself has to say about our PACStation™ solution. Watch more about us!

We don’t sell PACS, we provide a solution for our
customer’s multi-PACS headaches.

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Integrate all pre-existing PACS with ease.