PACStation Console

The PACStation Console provides direct access to imaging lists from any of your PACS environments. Designed for Radiology departments to oversee and access all PACS versions and systems regardless of location, database and operating system.

Give your radiology assistant access to any region.

The capabilities are vast when you consider the limitations within this environment.

Easily transfer studies from one site to another without the need to request assistance. Move patients’ studies from location to another by pushing studies as you need. Create CD’s of patients’ studies from any of your facilities instantly.

Now you can monitor a region, not just your PACS. Now you have can have the ability to know list sizes at any of your sister facilities.

The PACStation console was developed in conjunction with the PACStation Plus to enhance the ability of the Radiology Assistant and give them the unique ability to fully support the Radiologists they work with.

PACStation Console! Regional PACS access, one workstation, zero virtualization.

Don’t visualize, realize!

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