PACStation Lineup

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PACStation Pro

The PACStation Pro is the ultimate standardized radiology workstation. Using feedback from real radiologists, the PACStation was designed with cutting edge hardware and SMT QuietCool technology to create the ultimate standard PACS reading station.

PACStation Plus

The PACStation Plus allows you to access multiple PACS environments and their native worklists simultaneously. Access any PACS environment in any location, all with the same keyboard, mouse, and dictation.

PACStation Mammo

The PACStation Mammo workstation incorporates QuietCool design with cutting edge graphics computing hardware to create the best mammography and 3d tomosynthesis reading station.

PACStation Medical

The PACStation Medical workstation is designed as the perfect midpoint between price and performance.

PACStation Clinical

The PACStation Clinical is a versatile, mid-performance workstation that’s perfect for at-home radiologists or remote sites.

PACStation Nano

The PACStation Nano incorporates powerful performance in a small design to create the ultimate small form-factor reading workstation.

Unleash your Radiologists
with the PACStation Plus

Fully compatible with your PACS and Dictation Software


Never Miss a Beat

Give your high-powered radiologists the tool they need to access any PACS environment and any incoming study.

Combine functionality and familiarity – radiologists can access images in their native viewer without having to re-train on consolidated solutions.

Skip the Politics

Access different repositories regardless of geographic location. Four independent network connections allow you to connect any way you want.

Avoid messy archive consolidation and VNA implementation – give your radiologists direct connectivity to the data they need and skip the middleman.

Command and Control

With up to four high-powered workstations in a single system, your radiologists have the cover your entire ecosystem. Instantly swap between systems for a full view of your region.

Route difficult studies to your best radiologists and let doctors compare work. With the PACStation Plus, the possibilities are endless.

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PACStation Plus in your ecosystem