Designed by radiologists for radiologists, Singular Medical Technologies line of purpose built PACStations are engineered with one goal in mind. Radiologist performance.

Using hardware actualization instead of software virtualization, we created the new PACStation Plus to allow instantaneous sharing and provide for improved system-wide access.

Unleash your full productivity potential with the new industry standard in radiology PACStations.

Incubated inside one of the top 100 radiology practices in the United States, Singular Medical Technologies (SMT) designs and develops high-performance PACStations solutions for hospitals, imaging centers and radiology groups around the country.
The company’s innovative PACStation Plus product was developed to address the lack of PACS interoperability within todays medical establishments.

After several years of research and development we found that the problem was not being addressed and that the solutions offered were excessively complicated. The need for immediate access pre and post was not being met by the products available.

We at Singular focused on the Radiologist and based our products around them. Bringing direct access to the radiologist and their staff was key. Doing it with little or zero complexity was most important. That remains our focus and promise. Zero complexity, sound redundancy and the levels of support they deserve.
Our products give access to PACS versions and worklists across entire health care networks, all within hours of installation.
Singular Medical Technologies addresses the global problem of incompatible PACS systems and does not have any of the constraints or complexities experienced by cloud-based systems, overlays or merging technologies.

Singular Medical Technologies PACStation Plus
was a semi-finalist for the 2016 Minnie awards in the
Best New Radiology Device category.