Hardware Actualization

The revolutionary technology behind the PACStation Plus that allows you to access multiple high powered systems from a single mouse and keyboard

QuietCool Technology


Incorporated into every standard PACStation for silent, cool, and clean operation – just for the reading room


Hardware Actualization

The hardware solution to an age-old issue

When hospitals and software vendors decide not to play nice, it’s the radiologists and patients that suffer. Conflicts between dictation clients, network access policies, and legacy software environments can make or break an operation and determine your partners.

With the PACStation Plus and Hardware Actualization technology, these problems are a thing of the past. Bridge the gap between incompatible repositories and dictation platforms by skipping the politics all together, and provide a completely independent environment for each PACS.

Hardware Actualization works through a proprietary hardware-software interface, giving the radiologist access to 4 live list monitors. When a new study appears on a list, the radiologist simply switches to that system and starts reading.

QuietCool Technology

When we set out to design a line of PACS workstations, we knew that the radiologists experience was the most pivotal point for delivering improved operations and patient outcomes. One of the biggest complaints we heard from radiologists across the nation was that their workstations were loud, hot, and constantly in need of cleaning/dusting. That’s why we decided to incorporate QuietCool Technology into every PACStation device.


Standard PACStation systems feature sound-deadening cases.

Thermaltake Suppressor F31 Sound Dampening Graphics

All PACStation workstations incorporate magnetic-levitation fans for silent operation.


PACStation workstations feature engineered cooling solutions for each device to ensure your reading station never becomes a space heater.

On standard PACStation models (PACStation i5, PACStation i7, PACStation Mammo), processors are liquid-cooled.

Every PACStation, including the PACStation Plus, features high RPM magnetic-levitation fans.

Internally, airflow is managed to cool critical components and dissipate heat effectively


Each PACStation case has washable magnetic dust filters for easy cleaning.

“Developed by Radiologists, For Radiologists”