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“Each of our three initial commercial products were designed by radiologists for radiologists to address the widespread dissatisfaction with existing workstations. We started out simply wanting to improve our radiologists’ quality of life.” – Gregory P. Burnell, CEO


We at SMT feel that the radiologist is often overlooked.

 PACStations should not be skimped on.

Performance and quality advance patient care.


After years of testing the current available technologies we decided that the status quo was wrong.  We set out to develop a new standard in PACS workstation that meets all the needs of the radiologist today.


Today we have expanded into several different product lines but always keeping with our initial intentions. From performance and quality to interoperability, SMT looks to redefine the way radiologist work.

Incubated inside one of the top 100 radiology practices in the United States, Singular Medical Technologies (SMT) designs and develops high-performance PACStations solutions for hospitals, imaging centers and radiology groups around the country.

The company’s innovative PACStation Plus product allows radiologists full and direct access to all PACS versions and worklists across entire health care networks, all within hours of installation.

The technology addresses the global problem of incompatible PACS systems and does not have any of the constraints or complexities experienced by cloud-based systems, overlays or merging technologies.

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