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About Singular Medical Technologies

Singular Medical Technologies designs and develops high-performance single- and multi-PACS solutions for hospitals, imaging centers and radiology groups.

The company’s innovative Vendor Neutral Platform architecture, the Singular Multi-site Workstation (MSW), allows radiologists full and direct access to all PACS versions and work-lists across an entire health care network, all within hours of installation. The technology does not have any of the constraints and complexities experienced by cloud-based systems, overlays or merging technologies.

Also based on Singular’s Vendor Neutral Platform (VNP) architecture, the company’s single PACS purpose-designed, high-performance reading workstation processes and renders Radiology images more than four times faster than the leading workstations.

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Changing Culture of Radiology

Since the dawn of the digital radiology age, the use of imaging in the triage, diagnosis and treatment of patients has skyrocketed. The demand for “real-time” radiology has become the status quo. As hospital systems and radiology groups merge, the need for an effective and efficient platform to assist radiologists in their day-to-day effort to care for patients has emerged.

SMT set out to solve these problems by creating products that elegantly and cost effectively assist in the daily work lives of the most important link in the
chain…the radiologists.


Reading Workstation

Solve your PACS Performance Problems with Purpose-built Reading Workstations

Don’t compromise with poor-performing reading workstations that you use every hour of your workday. Instead, invest in purpose-designed, high-performance reading workstations that process and render radiology images more than four times faster than the leading PACS vendors.

Using Singular’s unique Vendor Neutral Platform (VNP) architecture, our reading workstations use the original reading/viewing software to ensure seamless integration and immediate productivity. And it can be installed and working in hours.

Our integrated solution is an essential tool for radiology group practices, health care network radiology departments and teleradiologists.

Multi-Site Multi-PACS Workstation

Seamless Multi-site, Multi-PACS Access without Complex and Expensive Integration

Don’t get stuck with complex and expensive multi-PACS solutions that are difficult to implement and maintain. Singular has a better alternative – our high-performance, Multi-site Workstation (MSW) allows radiologists full and direct access to all PACS versions and worklists across entire health care networks.

Using Singular’s unique Vendor Neutral Platform (VNP) architecture, MSW simultaneously connects to and sources images from as many PACS environments as needed. At 10 percent of the cost and 10 percent of the integration time compared to overlay and cloud alternatives, our technology streamlines all radiology image reading operations and allows instantaneous sharing. And it can be installed and working in hours.

Our integrated solution is an essential tool for radiology group practices, health care network radiology departments and teleradiologists.


Mobile Imaging Workstation

Make It Mobile! Purpose-built PACS Workstations Wherever You Need Them

Singular’s “Stand up Reading Stations” were specifically designed for emergency departments, free standing emergency rooms, referring physicians’ offices and radiology departments with a primary focus on image quality, accessibility and portability.

The Mobile PACS Station product is a multi-operating system workstation designed to allow physician end-users to access any designated facility, PACS and dictation system nationwide. And it provides the wireless flexibility to move your reading station throughout your facility like never before.

Special considerations include ergonomic comfort and long term battery use.

VNP Architecture

Why We Created the Vendor Neutral Platform Architecture 

Product companies are born out of the founders’ strong belief in the need to solve a hard problem. In SMT’s case, the founders’ strong belief is simple to describe – today’s PACS and radiology solution architecture is broken.

There is widespread dissatisfaction with existing radiology workstations: multiple work productivity challenges, enormous costs and management complexity that burden radiology group practices and hospital networks across the country.

That’s why SMT came up with innovative solutions to these problems.

Customer Testimonials

  • "Our radiology group provides coverage for nine hospitals and it was critical to implement a neuroradiology subspecialty service for all sites from a central location. Unfortunately, the hospitals use different PACS and as such it was very difficult for me to read for all facilities in any way that was practical. Instead, we now use SMT’s elegant solution that brings all the sites together into one beautiful setup without delays or lag-time."
    "The technology even has superior functionality compared to me working at the specific onsite PACS stations themselves. I can finally read neuro studies for our entire practice just like I was sitting at each facility. Awesome job! Thank you Singular!"

    Dr. David J. Rippe
  • "As a private radiologist, I read for several locations. I purchased one of these stations three years ago and love it. I have one at my office and I will be purchasing one for home soon. Great job guys!"

    Dr. Robert Leb
  • "The MSW has been a Godsend. We can now spread the work from busier sites to others with more capacity to improve STATs and it also allows us to consult others in the practice with challenging cases. It's a win-win for patients, their doctors and our hospitals."

    Dr. Ted Cardoso
  • "The MSW has allowed us to decrease overnight coverage from two radiologists to one despite overnight volume increases."

    Dr. Ronald Prati

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